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Western Canada’s Leading Provider of Concrete Form Products

We provide superior quality, industry-approved concrete forming products and accessories to ensure the safety and professionalism of any construction job.

Concrete Forms and Accessories

concrete panels - western kwik forms


At Western Kwik Forms, we carry an extensive range of concrete formwork panel systems to provide you with efficient and cost-effective solutions for the casting of structural walls, no matter the size and scope of your project. Additionally:  We supply you access to a large distribution network of concrete panels from the highest quality manufacturer in North America Stock expertly designed plywood panels whose durability ensures their effectiveness for at least 35 builds.   We have highly-qualified, experienced team members who possess extensive knowledge about the technology and…

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concrete form cages - western kwik forms

Form Cages

At Western Kwik Forms, we supply high quality concrete cages to facilitate in the transportation and handling of all size panels. These cages are innovatively designed, accurately produced and securely welded to meet all industry standards, which means that they: Are easy and convenient to use. Prevent any damage to your materials. Promote safety on job sites. Can be used for handling all size panels. Our dedication to supplying our clients with reliable, durable and superior quality products is what makes us one of Calgary’s leading providers of concrete forming products…

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concrete form corners - western kwik forms


In addition to concrete formwork panel systems, we also supply our clients with a wide variety of concrete accessories and forms for different corner applications. Inside and outside corners permit either abutting panels or fillers to be secured without any loose locking clips. At Western Kwik Forms, we supply both types in a variety of styles and in multiple configurations to provide you with the stability and strength you require for a high quality pour, whatever the job size. At Western Kwik Forms, we are committed to exceptional customer service which is why we…

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concrete form accessories - western kwik forms

Ties & Accessories

Alongside our high quality concrete forming products, we also supply our general contracting partners a comprehensive, top of the line range of panel accessories such as latches, concrete form clips, cone ties and much, much more. They are designed to: Facilitate the convenience and ease of a construction job. Save you time and money. Promote safety on the jobsite. Promote professionalism and superior quality work. At Western Kwik Forms, all of the products we supply have been manufactured to the industry’s highest standards. From latches to ties to adjustment panels, we…

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Why Choose Us

For over 16 years, our team at Western Kwik Forms has been dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and superior concrete forming products to our diverse clientele all across Western Canada. Our reputation for developing long-lasting, mutually satisfying relationships with our customers is based on a steadfast dedication to reliable product availability and service customization to meet all your individual needs and requirements. 


Through our partnership with Canadian Manufacturer 4 Seasons Ties Inc., we bring you superior concrete form products which are innovatively designed to promote safety on the job site, facilitate in product transportation, save you valuable time and money as well as ensure the ultimate quality and professionalism in every construction job, no matter the size or scope. 



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Really appreciate the fast response, expertise and professionalism.  Thank you.

Really appreciate the fast response, expertise and professionalism.  Thank you.

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