In addition to concrete formwork panel systems, we also supply our clients with a wide variety of concrete accessories and forms for different corner applications.

Inside and outside corners permit either abutting panels or fillers to be secured without any loose locking clips. At Western Kwik Forms, we supply both types in a variety of styles and in multiple configurations to provide you with the stability and strength you require for a high quality pour, whatever the job size.

At Western Kwik Forms, we are committed to exceptional customer service which is why we offer:

  • Financing OAC
  • Delivery within a 50 km radius of Calgary and Edmonton.

If you would like to request the delivery of items outside of this range, our team will be more than happy to give you a more detailed quote on the delivery costs.

To learn more about our comprehensive range of concrete form corners, contact our office anytime at 1-877-249-6788 or visit

1x1 Neutral Corner

This corner does not affect the size of the filler you need.

2x2 Corner

This corner allows you to use a wide range of fillers.
Also available in 3’’x3’’.

Option : Chamfer corner

3x3 Corner

This corner minimizes the need to use odd fillers. It now comes with latches.

4x4 Corner

This corner delivers superior performance. It is designed with a fold that makes it more durable.

4x4 Swing Corner


This corner is designed for multi angle corners. Also available in 2x2, 6x6 and 8x8.

4×4 corner (45°) Fixed

This fixed corner locks the panels in place to obtain a 45° angle. It can be used with our 2’’x 2’’ 135° outside corner and also with our 135° outside corners for 8’’ and 10’’ wall thicknesses or with the 45° bracket.

Custom sizes are also available upon request.

4x6 Corner

The 4’’x6’’ corner is used when the thickness of the adjacent wall is different.

2" Offset Corner

Inside / Outside corner

The 2” offset corner is used in the middle of a straight wall to go from an 8” wall to a 10” wall and vice-versa.

135° Corner

This outside corner eliminates the need for fillers, saving you time and money. It is to be used with our 45° inside corner. Standard sizes offered for 8” and 10” wall thicknesses.

Custom sizes are also available on request.

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