How High Density Overlay Wood Form Panels Can Help Ensure Superior Quality Concrete Forms

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The importance of quality in any construction job should never be dismissed. Not only is delivering your client a project which meets and exceeds their expectations essential for the safety and well-being of the building’s occupants, it often serves as a direct reflection of your company’s work standards and values. Therefore a lack of quality control on any job site can potentially result in:

  • A poor reputation for your company.
  • Additional costs and delays to the clients in terms of repairs, increased maintenance costs or operational disruptions.
  • Additional costs and delays to the contractor when any work has to be repeated or repaired.
  • Injuries or even deaths if the structure fails.

One aspect which plays a major role in the standard of any construction job is the quality of the form panels used to create a stable, long lasting concrete form. At Western Kwik Forms, we are truly invested in the success of all our contracting partners. That is why we supply a wide range of affordable, innovatively designed plywood form panels to help you reach the highest quality and standards of professionalism in every single job you do.

Why Should I Use High Density Overlay Wood Form Panels?

Demanding applications such as concrete forming require tough and durable, yet easily handled building materials. We supply our customers with superior quality, 11 ply Douglas fir plywood panels, coated with a 100/100 density overlay. They provide enormous benefits including:

  • Cost savings - We supply you with superior high density overlay wood form panels which can be effectively and safely reused for at least 300 concrete pours.
  • Easy to handle - The plywood form panels are extremely lightweight, a characteristic which facilitates easy and safe transportation as well as quick assemblement.
  • Versatile - Our product line of wood form panels form a very tough surface, resistant to abrasion, moisture, chemicals and deterioration. They are also able to adapt to many shapes and are available in a wide range of sizes, suited construction projects of any scope.
  • Durable - High density overlay wood panels are far more durable than standard plywood and are ideal for use in the most extreme applications. The innovative design of these panels ensure that, along with this durability, they still retain their dimensional stability and design flexibility.

How Can I Maintain My Plywood Form Panels?

Proper maintenance and care of your form panels is extremely important if you want to reuse them safely and effectively. There are several factors to take into consideration when looking after your plywood panels and to minimize wear and tear. Doing so will ensure that they can be efficiently used for over 300 professional, high quality pours.

  • Use a high quality release agent - One of the simplest ways to ensure the long-standing quality and efficiency of your panels is by using suitable release agents. If the panels and concrete stick at the time of stripping, one or both of them can be damaged. The use of a good, high quality release agent can help you avoid both problems. Forms will strip quickly and easily if you use the correct form release agent and apply it properly.
  • Handling - Careful handling of your plywood form panels will increase their longevity. Serious loss of panel life occurs when panels are dropped on their corners or edges.
  • Planning - While you are using your panels for different jobs, do not make any unnecessary cuts. You may be able to save a panel for reuse by leaving an overhang rather than cutting the panel to the exact shape, especially when forming features such as balcony slabs or drop panels.
  • Storage - Always take care to protect your panels from exposure to weather and physical damage and ensure for effective air circulation and moisture evaporation in your storage space.
  • Patching - Once the stripping of the concrete form is complete, ensure that you repair any holes, breaks or chips in the panels so that they can be safely and effectively reused.

At Western Kwik Forms, our core values centre around a commitment to quality, safety and supporting the growth of our contracting partners. That is why we strive to provide you with durable, safe framework products and superior customer service, constantly rising to the challenge of better meeting your every need.

To learn more about our comprehensive range of concrete forming products including panels, cages and other accessories, call our office today at 403-287-2663 or visit

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