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The Four Advantages of the Resi-Ply Concrete Forming System

Resi-Ply concrete forming system

At Western Kwik Forms, we are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to help our customers succeed and thrive in their businesses. For over 16 years we have built a steadfast commitment to safety and high quality on construction job sites and want to extend that dedication to you through superior products and efficient, cost-effective concrete forming systems. 

Made of special, high-density overlay 1 ⅛” inch plywood, the advanced Resi-Ply Forming System is designed especially for residential foundations and low industrial concrete walls which can be formed and poured in the same day. The Resi-Ply Forming System can be positioned and set very quickly, helping bring the formwork into final alignment. 

Using a modular design to erect wall forms, the major components of the Resi-Ply Forming System include: 

  • Standard Panels which make up the majority of any wall forming setup. 
  • Filler Panels can be used when the length of the wall is not in even two foot measurements. 
  • Once the concrete has been poured, Form Ties can be used to keep the forms from spreading. 
  • Waler Brackets will line the top of the forms and keep them straight. 
  • Inside and Outside Corners
  • To ensure the proper, straight position of your form, Aligners can be used. 
  • Scaffold Brackets can be placed on the forms to keep construction workers safe while they are accessing the top of the walls when pouring concrete. 

We are Western Canada’s leading providers of concrete forming systems and strive to provide you with efficient and cost-effective solutions for the casting of structural walls, no matter the size or scope of your project. Some of the incredible advantages of the Resi-Ply Forming System include: 

  1. Durability - High density overlay (HDO) plywood panels, when properly cared for, will give you up to 300 pours with the Resi-Ply Forming System.
  2. Quality Consistency - The 1 ⅛” HDO gives you consistent strength and quality, ensuring a professional, superior concrete pour, each and every time. Additionally, the Resi-ply form clips and ties are fabricated to exact wall sizes which ensures a consistent wall size throughout the pour.
  3. Saves you money -  The Resi-ply system costs a fraction of other concrete forming systems. Plus, you’ll save time on the setting and stripping of forms,so you can be sure that you are using the most cost-effective system on the market. 
  4. Versatility - There is no need to switch from your current system in order to use the Resi-Ply forming system. A variety of form heights from 2’ to 10’ with 4-bar, 5-bar and 6-bar configurations provide extra flexibility and compatibility for a number of jobs. 
  5. Easier Transportation - The relatively flat design of the Resi-Ply panels takes up less space in your truck, allowing you to transport more materials in one go, saving you time and money. 

At Western Kwik Forms, we are committed to exceptional customer service, which is why we promise you the largest inventory of affordable, world-class concrete forming products and offer, depending on your particular needs, 

  • Financing OAC
  • Delivery within a 50 km radius of Calgary and Edmonton

To learn more about the incredible efficiency of the resi-ply forming system or to discover our comprehensive range of concrete formwork products, contact our office anytime at 403-287-2663 or visit

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