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Resicoil Ties and Rods

One Sided and Blind Sided Forming:

The process of forming one wall against another wall can often create challenges. In most cases there is limited room to work with, increasing the amount of labour time need to adequately support the wall prior to pouring concrete. If not braced properly, the pressure of wet concrete cause bulging or blowouts that halt the process in order to make repairs to the bracing. The higher the wall, the more pressure that is exerted against the formwork and bracing. 

Coil ties are a very effective way to solve this age old problem. Threaded rods are imbedded in the existing wall and are passed through the form and then a threaded specialty tie is threaded onto the rod. The ties can be attacched to both ends of the threaded rod, depending on the application making adjustments as needed. No matter what form system you are using, there is a tie available in the Steel Dog product line.

Most frequently used specialty ties are the Resi Coil tie which is a standard snap tie welded on both ends. On end has a female threaded coil and the other a fork allowing for up to 2  inches of adjustment, These engineered coil ties can support up to 2500 ponds of pressure when anchored into the existing wall to proper manufacturers specifications. The minimum wall thickness is 6 inches for a single sided wall and 12 inches for a double sided wall. The properly installed coil tie will have a minimum of 1/2 inch of rod threaded into the coil.The threaded coil rod is available in 12 foot lenghths and there are 100 coil ties in each box. Product number RC-6. 

For all specifications, applications and a complete list of specialty ties, click on the Steel Dog link and see the simple solutions for complex forming problems. 




AB Anchor-Bar™

AC Aluma-Coil™ Tie

CR Coil Rod

CWA Coil Weld Bracket

GC Cam-Lock Tie

LB Coil Loop

LC Loop Coil™ Tie

LCT Turnbuckle Loop-Coil™

RC Resi-Coil™ Tie

RH Rebar Hook

RHC Rebar Coil Connector

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